HAY! We’re glad you found us!

We’re happy to supply you and yours with fresh unprocessed milk, a food that truly heals.

Raw A2 milk from our farm is here to help you put the best taste & nutrition on the table and support local farming families (and the cows they love ;).

We’ve seen raw milk do incredible things for our shareholders and are so frequently delighted to witness how the robust health of the soil and its animals passes that vibrancy of health on to you.

We look forward to getting to know you! Please poke around to learn more about what we’re excited about, drop us a line and head to the Get Milk page to have a cow and join the herd.


The Lisenby & Montgomery families

{ the face of real milk happiness from our Lila Jane }

{ the face of real milk happiness from our Lila Jane }


Our herd-share program serves up real tasty real milk. 

We deliver your shares weekly to convenient pick-up sites in: Afton, Charlottesville, Lovingston, Roanoke, Blacksburg, Christiansburg, Rocky Mount, Floyd, Moneta, Willis and Wirtz.

Milk from Sweet Land Farm is:


100% of our herd produces A2 protein which digests easier and reduces inflammation. A2 raw milk is very similar to breast milk.


Every batch of milk is tested and exceeds even the most rigid raw milk safety standards.

Additionally, our all our cows are tested and free of disease.

From grass-fed gals: 

Our happy girls graze under the sun and on lush green pasture each day of the grazing season.

Tasty & Long-lasting:

Our cleaning protocols and feeding standards make for milk that is as delicious as it is nutritious.

Nutrient Dense: 

We’ve carefully grown our herd to include cows who excel at producing milk with excellent cream and loaded with easily digestible protein.

As a Division 1 athlete, I consider raw milk and it’s superfood attributes to be one of my most important resources when trying to get into top shape, not to mention it’s absolutely delicious!

I’ve been drinking raw milk religiously for about two years now and also have several friends and family members who are avid drinkers. I’ve had milk from many different suppliers in different states across the country and it’s generally agreed amongst me and my friends that the milk I have been receiving from Sweet Land Farm for the past year is the best we have ever tasted.
I think it’s mostly because of the quality of the care they treat cows with, which includes a grass fed diet supplemented with small amounts of locally grown, GMO free grain. Sweet Land has also provided me with phenomenal customer service during my entire time with them and their flexibility and helpfulness made sure I was able to get my milk every week even with my busy schedule! All in all, Sweet Land Farm is the best!
— Christian Reeves, shareholder

Join our herd-share program and pour yourself a glass of happy tummy + taste bud goodness!