We milk cows every day because we believe that changing your diet can change your life.

80% of your immune system depends on good gut bacteria. 

Raw milk is a cost effective probiotic; each glass is loaded with beneficial bacteria, improving your gut and giving you a robust immune system. Probiotics are expensive... and you can't eat them with cereal! 

Busy? Need an easy to prepare, nutrient dense meal? 

Just pour. Really. 

  • Raw milk contains all 8 essential amino acids. With a gram of protein in each ounce you can say goodbye to those expensive protein bars and beef jerky snacks!
  • The sweet cream is loaded with vitamins & minerals
  • All the enzymes you need are readily available (not destroyed like the enzymes and proteins in pasteurized milk) 
  • Many raw milk drinkers have said good-bye to lactose intolerance. In other words you should never again get that bloated, gassy embarrassing terribleness wishing you hadn't drank the milk feeling. Really, it could be a relationship saver :)  Lactase is naturally present in raw milk = no gas!
  • Probiotic strains to help improve gut health, which improves brain function, behavior and your immune system. 

If you're trying to ditch processed foods, ditch processed milk!  

                                                   { real milk happiness! }

                                                  { real milk happiness! }


Join our herd-share program & get real tasty real milk. 

We deliver your shares weekly to convenient pick up sites in: Charlottesville, Lovingston, Roanoke, Blacksburg, Christiansburg, Rocky Mount, Floyd, Moneta, Willis and Wirtz.

Milk from Sweet Land Farm is:


Every batch of milk is tested and exceeds even the most rigid raw milk standards of other states before it is delivered to you. We believe that responsibly produced raw milk from healthy cows is safe as well as delicious. Testing every batch ensures that our milking standards and protocols are giving you the cleanest milk possible. 

Additionally, our cows are tested and free of these diseases: Johnnes, BLV, BVD and Mycoplasom. These diseases are common to most dairy herds in the US and their yearly negative tests ensures that your cows and their milk is as healthy and clean as possible. 


Our herd is 100% certified A2. Studies have shown that cows containing the A2 protein produce milk that is easier to digest and does not contribute to intestinal inflammation. 

From grass-fed gals: 

Our girls are moved to new clean and green pasture each day, and during the winter months they enjoy home grown non- gmo hay and haylage from our fields. Throughout the year, we plant a variety of grasses for optimal soil and herd health. Healthy soils and grasses create a healthy environment for us and our animals. 

Tasty & Long-lasting:

Well produced raw milk will drink like the best milk you've ever had: sweet, creamy and rich tasting. Our milk lasts for at least 10-14 days. Keep it cold (cooler + ice pack) during your transport for a long, sweet shelf life. 

Nutrient Dense: 

Our herd of mostly Jersey and Guernsey ladies fill your glass with the most nutrient dense components. Their cream is a nutrient powerhouse and these beautiful brown cows excel among other breeds at producing milk with excellent cream content and loaded with easily digestible protein. Additionally, grass grazed cows keep the proper Omega-3 to Omega 6 ratio as well as milk that gives you that hard to get CLA. Healthy fields, feeds and soils as well as free choice mineral and kind managment keep our herd happy and healthy.                                         

As a Division 1 athlete, I consider raw milk and it’s superfood attributes to be one of my most important resources when trying to get into top shape, not to mention it’s absolutely delicious!

I’ve been drinking raw milk religiously for about two years now and also have several friends and family members who are avid drinkers. I’ve had milk from many different suppliers in different states across the country and it’s generally agreed amongst me and my friends that the milk I have been receiving from Sweet Land Farm for the past year is the best we have ever tasted.
I think it’s mostly because of the quality of the care they treat cows with, which includes a grass fed diet supplemented with small amounts of locally grown, GMO free grain. Sweet Land has also provided me with phenomenal customer service during my entire time with them and their flexibility and helpfulness made sure I was able to get my milk every week even with my busy schedule! All in all, Sweet Land Farm is the best!
— Christian Reeves, shareholder

Join our herd-share program and pour yourself a glass of happy tummy + taste bud goodness!