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Raw milk is one of the quickest, most nutritious meals you can fix, and the EASIEST unprocessed food to begin incorporating into your diet.

Nearly every day we see raw milk healing our shareholders and creating healthy families. Our shareholders are healing from eczema, MS, allergies, leukemia, auto- immune diseases and lactose intolerance etc. For others, raw milk is a nutritional staple for their diet, the tastiest supplement around.

Our grass-fed Jerseys are rotationally grazed and generously loved. They have some of the best views in Floyd county as they chew their cud and make your milk. Responsibly produced raw milk is our passion and our four legged partners in this goal are gentle and sweet, come out and meet us!  

Join our herd-share program and pour yourself a super-food, a complete meal in a glass that you can feel great about!


Have a cow!

Ready to start healing? Join the herd and start receiving the tastiest milk you've ever poured.

About the moo- Shine

Ditching processed foods?   

        Ditch your processed milk!           

As a Division 1 athlete, I consider raw milk and it’s superfood attributes to be one of my most important resources when trying to get into top shape, not to mention it’s absolutely delicious. I’ve been drinking raw milk religiously for about two years now and also have several friends and family members who are avid drinkers. I’ve had milk from many different suppliers in different states across the country and it’s generally agreed amongst me and my friends that the milk I have been receiving from Sweet Land Farm for the past year is the best we have ever tasted. I think it’s mostly because of the quality of the care they treat cows with, which includes a grass fed diet supplemented with small amounts of locally grown, GMO free grain. Sweet Land has also provided me with phenomenal customer service during my entire time with them and their flexibility and helpfulness made sure I was able to get my milk every week even with my busy schedule! All in all, Sweet Land Farm is the best!
— Christian Reeves, shareholder