1. have a cow!

To get your {tasty} raw milk, you will first purchase a share in our herd.

Our herd share program is a contract between you and our farm that allows you to buy a “share” or portion of the cow herd. This is a one time cost, making you a partial owner of a beautiful Jersey herd! You are then entitled to receive a share of what the herd produces and each month pay a boarding cost for us to care for, milk, and graze your cow. Virginia does not allow the sale of raw milk to the public. 

Moving or need to cancel? Just let us know, you can stop at any time.

2. Decide how many glasses of awesome you'd like each week

We deliver milk each week in half gallon plastic milk jugs. Just decide how many shares you'd like. One share equals one gallon of milk each week. So if you normally drink two gallons a week, purchase two shares. Half shares (a half gallon a week are also available).

3. Location. Location. Location.

If you can't pick up on farm, we offer delivery to various drop-sites. If you'd like to pick up at one of our drop-sites, find which location and convenient pick-up time works for you.

  • Charlottesville
    • North Garden- 24/7 pick-up right near KOA campground area (Red Hill Road). Tuesdays by 5 and anytime the rest of the week.
    • Afton: Shannon Farm Community Center (pick-up Tuesdays after 4pm, antyime Wednesdays and Thursdays) 
    • Barracks area: Rebecca's Natural Foods (Barracks Rd. Shopping Center) (Tuesdays after 3pm, all day Wednesdays and Thursdays) 
    • Belmont Area: (Blenheim Ave.) Delivered on Tuesdays by 6pm. Pick up anytime during daylight hours Tuesday-Saturday.
  • Roanoke 
    • NE area, near Orange Ave. Milk is delivered on Mondays by 4pm and can be picked up anytime after until 8 pm. Or on Tuesdays, 9-1.
    • SW area, near Lincoln Ave. Milk is delivered on Mondays by 3:30 and can be picked up anytime after that throughout the week. 8-8
  • Rocky Mount
    • Visit the farm store of Four Corners Farm. Pick-up is on Mondays 5-6 and during farm store hours the rest of the week.
  • Westlake area
    • Shares are delivered Monday evenings after 5. Pick- up throughout the rest of the week. Drop-site is off Long Island Drive, Moneta.
  • Blacksburg
    • Thursdays 5:30- 7:30 and the rest of the week from 9AM -7:30 PM off of Main St.
  • Christiansburg
    • Thursdays 6-9 and following days 8-8:30. Off Lynwood Lane (just off Radford Rd.).
  • Floyd
    • Near town, off Shooting Creek Rd. on Saturdays after 3pm and anytime on following days.
    • Roger Rd. Saturdays after 4pm and anytime throughout the week.
    • Copper Hill: Patchwork Farm. Pick up anytime on Saturday and during daylight hours on following days Saturdays- Wednesdays. You can also get beautiful veggies via Patchwork's ala carte share option! 
  • On our farm, in Willis
    • Tuesdays after 3pm. Pick-up anytime the rest of the week.

4. get Your raw milk!

Fill out the form below. We'll send you a sign-able herd-share agreement and payable invoice along with drop-site address and your first pick-up date (please give us 48 hours to reply, the cows haven't figured out how to give us a day off!). We bill monthly; you can set up your account to bill automatically on your start date each month.

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 Initial, one-time Cost

First, buy a share in the herd!

  •  $55 for one share (one gallon per week)
  •  $27.50 for a half share (half gallon per week).



Monthly Costs

  • Half share (half gallon each week) $20/ month*
  • One share (one gallon each week) $40/ month*

 We offer convenient pick up at one of our drop-sites. Delivery cost is dependent upon location: 

  • Charlottesville, Roanoke, Blacksburg, Christiansburg and Rocky Mount, $10** per month ($5/month for half shares)     
  • $5 per month for our closer Floyd folks
  • NOTE: ** The cost of delivery does not increase with more than one share, saving you a bit of money when you get more than one share!
This milk is the best I have ever tasted. If there was a Great American Milk Festival your milk would bring home a Gold Medal for sure.
People constantly tell me my kids have this amazing glow about them.
— Amari Saint, shareholder