family photo with rosemary

We love our cows and they take fantastic care of us, our friends and neighbors.

How do we take care of the herd? 

Our herd is comprised almost entirely of Jersey and Guernsey cows which gives you the creamiest, tastiest milk- equally nourishing and good-to- the-last -drop-satisfying.

Their milk is complete, nutritious and healing. Jersey and Geurnsey cows alike have long been prized for their milk- high in protein and butterfat (read: cream!!), meaning your milk is loaded with excellent fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals. Its fresh, raw state means it is easily digested and assimilated. We breed and raise cows who test high in butterfat and proteins, so you get the most out of each sweet sip. 

 Our grass lovin' ladies are rotational grazing fans - they are moved to new tall and diverse pasture every day. A lot of days they literally kick up their heals about new grass. 

  •  During the few cold winter months, they heartily munch on stored feeds from our home grown non-gmo and unsprayed fields.   

 When our cows are sick, we treat them like we would treat ourselves (minus the bath & soup of course). We have had excellent success with homeopathy and herbal treatments and have had few occasions that call for antibiotics. Preventative medicine, like quality forage and wild herbs, free-choice mineral, low stress milkings and lazy days in the sun make for healthy, happy cows and nutritionally loaded milk. 

 As milk comes out of the cow it is filtered and quickly cooled in modern stainless steel equipment. Each batch of milk is also tested and far exceeds standards for conventional milk as well as the strictest raw milk standards. The cleanliness and health of your cow, and our system, as well as how quickly it chills, creates sweet tasting, long lasting milk. The proof is in the... glass. 

Keep your milk cold during transport and it will be sweet for at least 10 days. 

Our herd is also tested and free of BVD, BLV, Johnes, and Mycoplasma. 


 Almost ten years ago, we were getting sick all the time. The more we learned about food and agriculture, the more the world looked so broken. The land was sick too. Our neighbors were sick. What could we do?

Enter dairy cows. The forgotten heroes.

Growing up, I (Erin) never really liked milk. When Robby said he really enjoyed his work on an organic dairy farm and wondered if I might like to intern with him in Vermont, I was a little skeptical. I didn't like milk and my experience with dairy farms was the grade school field trip we had on a giant dairy farm with an overwhelming stench. 

I was surprised and delighted to find that I couldn't get enough of this milk, a farm that only smelled of clean earth and the warm sweet smell of cows when you got close enough to give them a hug. 

We learned to eat differently and farm differently. When we made our food our medicine, we got better.

When we started farming, our land slowly began to heal.

All the time, we hear stories from folks who call us their farmers. They tell us how happy they are to have found real milk. They are healing, getting sick less and less and growing strong, beautiful families. 

A long long time ago, humans discovered that cows might just be man's best friend. Cows could sustain civilizations. Love a cow and she will feed your family and heal your land. We have been so grateful for the gift these cows have given us and our community. 

We are proud to be your farmers, honored to cultivate our land and thrilled to share our passion for the best kind of food with you. 


Robby, Erin and Lila
Sweet Land Farm

Also meet: Millie, our trusty companion. She has a rather unhealthy love of the cows and enjoys attempting to lick their noses and play a game of chase. 

She desperately wants to join in on  the milking fun, but is appeased by longingly waiting at the barn door.